Tom Cruise Is Back on Set of Mission: Impossible 6

When Tom Cruise broke his ankle during the shooting of Mission: Impossible 6 in mid-August, reports claimed that the actor might out for up to four months. However, just seven weeks following the injury, the actor seems to have recovered as he recently joined the set of the upcoming movie.

The latest news on the actor comes via a report from UK as the shooting resumed earlier on yesterday. The report has shown that the actor wasn’t taking it easy as images and a short video showed that the actor was driving a large truck around the street and piloting a helicopter. Although the stunts were not the typical stunts we are used to seeing the actor perform, the news that he is back on set should come as a relief for everyone related to the movie and fans alike.

Although the production had been halted for quite a while, Paramount Pictures confirmed earlier that the delay will not have any effect on the release date of the movie. Most importantly, the actor is scheduled to start shooting for another highly anticipated movie Top Gun 2 in the coming months and the news of his recovery from injury should definitely come as a relief for everyone involving that movie as well.

As of now, not a lot of details regarding the upcoming Mission: Impossible 6 are known. While he did not say specifics about the plot, producer David Ellison revealed that the upcoming movie will showcase Tom Cruise’s biggest stunt till date. The movie is set to release on July 27, 2018 and most of the stars will return to reprise their respective roles. Moreover, Michelle Monaghan, who played Ethan Hunt’s wife back in MI 3 will also return although the extent of her role is unknown. As for newcomers, Henry Cavill will also make his debut in the movie. As the production nears its finish in the coming months, we are likely to hear more about the show in the coming weeks.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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