The Punisher Might be Delayed

In recent times, both Marvel and DC superheroes are getting plenty of screen time as there are unprecedented number of superhero shows in small screen at the moment. Following his debut during the season 2 of Daredevil, it was unsurprising when Netflix decided to give The Punisher a show as the character’s appearance during the series was applauded at the time. Although the spin-off was set to arrive by the end of this year on Netflix, due to recent Las Vegas shooting, Netflix might have pushed the release date back to avoid any backlash due to the character’s heavy firearm use.

The news regarding the possible delay came via NewsDay who revealed that Netflix has decided to postpone the release of the series. The news however isn’t surprising as both Marvel and Netflix have been pretty careful about the character’s image as it canceled the show’s appearance in this year’s Comic-con.

The Punisher remains to be one of the most fan-favorite characters in the comics. The character is unlike other vigilante as the character focuses on taking down different villains regardless of any consequences as he has nothing to lose. In order to do so, Frank Castle aka The Punisher uses bullets, explosions and precision which are pretty rare among comic book heroes.

As of now, Netflix hasn’t released a lot of details regarding the show as well as future of the show. Despite that, the show is expected to be released in a timely manner

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