Scientists Discovers Water on Mars in an Unexpected Place

In recent years, discovery of water in Mars isn’t the most surprising news consider NASA’s curiosity rover is currently sending surprising information related to the Red Planet. However, a team of astronomers from the Johns Hopkins University recently found ice in the most unlikely places.

The group of researchers discovered the ice in an area on the Martian equator called the Medusae Fossae. As it is close to the equator, scientists first thought that the area will be too warm to ice to stay in its original state for a long period of time.

As the group of astronomers pointed out in the official press release, the amount of water in the planet is much higher than previously thought. Talking about the surprising discovery, astronomer Jack Wilson said, “Perhaps the signature could be explained in terms of extensive deposits of hydrated salts, but how these hydrated salts came to be in the formation is also difficult to explain. So for now, the signature remains a mystery worthy of further study, and Mars continues to surprise us.”

As there are several missions scheduled for Mars in the coming years, discoveries like this can be extremely important to give scientists a better idea where to look for extensive features of the planet. Few days earlier, Lockheed introduces its design for Mars Base camp and its orbital space station for mars has been designed to be refueled using the water from Mars. As a result, the abundance of water in the planet is certainly welcome news.

Due the discovery of the surprising amount of water in the planet, scientists are expecting that they will be able to discover more about the possibility of life in the planet. While scientists have speculated for a long time that the planet’s underground water might contain some sort of extraterrestrial life, we will have to wait to find out more as discoveries regarding the planet continue to surprise everyone.

Featured Image: Wikimedia commons

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