Samsung DeX Gets Support for Linux OS

Although smartphones have become one of the essential components of our daily lives, they are far from replacing the need for computers as they can’t complete most of the processing heavy tasks due to software limitation. However, over last couple of years, Samsung has tried to bring desktop like experience to its users and we finally got the first glimpse when the company introduced DeX earlier this year. Following up to the event from earlier this year, Samsung introduced another app call Linux on Galaxy earlier at its developer conference. Thanks to the latest app, users can run Linux OS on their phone while few everything on a larger screen.

Thanks to the latest app, Samsung is expecting that developers will now be able to code on the go and developers who like Linux based platforms will be able to use the operating system and application. While at the moment it is unknown how many Linux distribution will work with the latest app, reports suggested that most of the Linux OS will support DeX.

In addition to this, Samsung also unveiled a list of games which will support DeX. As some games cannot be played well with traditional keyboard and mouse, the official support for DeX marks an important feat for the company going forward. For now, we will have to wait to find out how many developers use the latest features offered by the company. However, the latest features will give developers and enthusiasts another way of using the smartphones.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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