Razer Teases Its First Smartphone

You might know Razer as a manufacturer or high end computers, keyboards and mice. However, for a long time, the company has been rumored to be working on releasing its first smartphone. And now, the company has launched a teaser for its first smartphone.

As most of the products by the company is focused towards gamers, the upcoming smartphone also teased to follow the same route. While there isn’t a lot of details of the upcoming smartphone, the company teased that the phone will be gaming focused which means that the company might release a smartphone with solid display, performance as well as sound quality.

This latest teaser comes after few weeks earlier, Razer’s CEO Min-Liang confirmed that the company would be launching a smartphone by the end of this year. Few days earlier, a tweet by head of the company’s mobile division, Tim moss, contained an image that featured a Razer-branded image which started a lot of speculations surrounded the upcoming smartphone. If the rumors are true, then the upcoming smartphone will allow gamers to stream games directly from the smartphone along with some unique features.

As for hardware specifications and design, the smartphone is expected to showcase design features of Nextbit’s the Robin smartphone which at the time of release contained some interesting design choices. For sintance, the fingerprint scanner was embedded in the power button which allowed shortened time for unlocking the device. As most of the smartphones these days are Android powered, Razer is expected to follow same route.

However, it will be interesting to see if Razer manages to establish itself in the ever-increasing competition in the smartphone market. Especially when once big companies like BlackBerry, Nokia are struggling, it will certainly be commendable if Razer releases a smartphone that gets everyone’s attention. With the full details of the smartphone coming on November 1st, we will have to wait just few more days to see what Razer has in its minds. You can watch the unveiling directly from the official Razer website where the company will livestream the whole event.

Featured Image: Flickr/Jay-P

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