Porsche Says that Audi Owes €200 Million in Damages due to Dieselgate Scandal

According to latest report in Germany, Volkswagen Group’s Porsche brand is seeking €200 in damages related to the dieselgate scandal that resulted in Volkswagen suffering several lawsuits and penalty over last couple of months.

According to the reports, Porsche has handed over a written complaint regarding the damage in reputation due to its involvement with Audi. The argument behind the complaint is that Porsche received bad PR in recent months due to group’s scandal. However, the reports failed to cite any reliable source to back up the claim so far.

Talking about the latest claim, Reuters noted, “Audi admitted in November 2015 that its 3.0 liter V6 diesel engines used in about 80,000 VW, Audi and Porsche models were fitted with an auxiliary device deemed illegal in the United States. The German government earlier this year ordered a recall of Porsche’s Cayenne sport-utility vehicle (SUV) and prohibited registrations of the model’s diesel version.”

This news comes shortly after prosecutors in Munich arrested another suspect who thought to be related to the illegal activities carried out by Audi. However, it’s unknown whether more details regarding the claim will be made public. But whatever happens, it is highly unlikely that the problems related to the emission scandal will go away anytime soon.

Featured Image:  Pixabay/DariuszSankowski

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