Phil Spencer Talks about Xbox One X Ahead of Its Release

With just under a month to go until Xbox One X is available for everyone, Microsoft’s head of gaming, Phil Spencer recently revealed that despite being the most powerful console, the Xbox One X might not be for everyone. He revealed that despite the power Xbox One X, the high price of the console means the significantly cheaper Xbox One S will continue to prove to be company’s best seller in the coming months.

Spencer’s latest comment came during a recent interview when he pointed out the expectations from the upcoming console. Although the demand and pre-orders for the Xbox One X surpassed all of the expectations as well as figures for previous generations of consoles, he said that the affordability of Xbox One S will continue to dominate the sales. He said, “It plays all the same games. It will be the console that sells.”

His comment proves that Microsoft is simply giving gamers more choices when it comes to gaming. For instance, although the latest console will provide the best experience of gaming on a console till date, the best visuals isn’t every gamer’s goal at the moment. However, if someone wants the best experience, s/he will now have the ability thanks to the upcoming console.

The Xbox One X will be available to customers starting from November 7. The console features a custom octa-core processor with 12GB of DDR5 RAM. Thanks to the specifications, the console will allow you to play games at 4K resolution with HDR.

Featured image: Flickr/Marco Verch

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