Once Upon A Time Showrunners Discuss Rumplestiltskin’s New Role

Warning: Spoiler Ahead for Season 7 Premier

Fans of ABC’s Once Upon a Time were pretty nervous leading up to 7th season’s premier as the show would be pretty different as the series ended storylines of several series regulars with last season. One of the remaining stars of the show for the seventh season is Robert Carlyle and the series premier gave everyone a clear view of character’s new storyline as he started a new life as a cop. While he didn’t appear that much in the episode, show’s creator Edward Kitsis revealed when we can learn about the character’s story.

During his recent interview, Kitsis said, “I think the thing with Rumple is he always presents one way, and then you find out he’s got four layers beneath him. It’s no different in this land. So we meet him as Detective Weaver, but episode four is [about] what happened with him and Belle post-the ending, and I think that is the episode where you’ll understand what his new goal is.”

As it is pretty early to discuss anything, we will have to wait few more episodes to get a hold of what he is really up to and Kitsis’ comment that episode 4 will give us some idea related to the show is certainly interesting. However, given the amount of new character, the show is understandably going to use first few episodes to give us ideas about the latest additions. Talking about Rumplestiltskin’s relationship with the new characters, Adam Horowitz said to The Hollywood Reporter, “In the coming episodes, we’re going to see that he has connections and relationships that go beyond just Hook/Rogers. We hint in the premiere that there’s a bit of a connection between him and Alice, so all that stuff is going to further develop in the next few episodes.”

By now, it is obvious that we will see a different show going forward but how the show turns out in the seventh season remains to be see. Once Upon a Time will return next Friday at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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