Night Shift Is Cancelled By NBC

Although there have been a large number of medical drama over the years, only a handful of the series had large number of viewers. For instance, both House M.D. and Grey’s Anatomy have been the most popular choices among viewers. While The Night Shift had a decent run, it never really gained the popularity and NBC has decided to cancel the show following its latest season.

The Night Shift described the life of its characters who worked during late night shift at the San Antonio Memorial Hospital. While the set up wasn’t particularly different from most popular medical dramas, the show had set itself apart as the show had put heavy emphasis on veteran and medical emphasis.

Although the show had a good outing, it never had the audience base required for a show like this to continue. For instance, the show aired mostly during summer when other series were absent. Despite that, the show had pretty average ratings and as a result, the network has finally decided to cancel the show.

If you are interested in similar shows, NBC currently has a number of medical dramas. Most importantly, as the network is currently working on bringing several other series, you should keep an eye on the network in the coming months. As for Night Shift, you can still watch the older episodes in addition to the fourth season which ended few weeks earlier.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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