Newegg Just Made It Easier to Customize PC

If you are experienced PC builder or just starting out, you might already know that building a PC can be considerably better than pre-built machines which often times have custom hardware designs. Due to their custom hardware designs, it can be difficult to replace a PC in case a part of the computer goes out of service. Additionally, building your own PC can be pretty fun if you are one of the tech enthusiasts. In order to make it easier for you to choose the right parts, online retailers Newegg has launched new kits to help you out if you are building your first machine.

The company said, “Customers will be presented with a series of questions that will ultimately point them to the PC Build Kit that matches their requirements. First, they choose one of six cases. Once a case is selected, the customer indicates if they want to build an AMD- or Intel-based machine. From there, they simply choose whether they want a good/better/best configuration, taking into consideration their performance requirements and budget range. Once these questions are answered, they are presented with the build kit that most closely matches their needs.”

“All PC Build Kit customers receive a bonus Swag Box, which includes a variety of items from participating manufacturers. Also included are items from Newegg including a promo gift card, keyboard, mouse, tool kit and free membership to Newegg Premier –everything a customer needs to build and enjoy a new rig.”

If you were looking for such option, then Newegg’s new kit should meet your needs perfectly although you might still pay a bit extra in case you go with the tool. However, if you are starting out, the latest feature on the site will save you a lot of time in case you are not looking to do extensive market research.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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