New Study Says that Apple Isn’t Deliberately Slowing down iPhone

Although iOS is not used by so many different devices compared to Android, still the first release of iOS known for containing a lot of bugs which ultimately slow down devices that use the operating system. When Apple released iOS 11 few weeks earlier, a number of users complained that the latest operating system was slowing down their older iPhones. Understandably, a large chunk of users said that the Cupertino giant is doing this deliberately to force users to upgrade to latest devices. However, a latest study by 3DMark benchmarking revealed that that isn’t the case as the iPhone’s processor performed normally.

The complaints arrived after users noticed Google searches were slower than normal and in order to find out if that is the case, the creators of 3D benchmarking tool carried out study to see how the different versions of iOS perform in the devices. The results showed that Apple isn’t deliberately slowing down the iPhones as all of the tests revealed similar CPU performances. If you are wondering, the GPU performances also reveal the same story.

Following the latest findings, several reports pointed out that the obvious reasons of potential slowdowns. For instance, newer versions of iOS often come with new features which run in the background and slow down the phones overall. However, as the company releases more updates, more problems are fixed for users of older devices. As iOS 11.1 is on the way shortly, Apple is expected to address most of the major issues that are slowing down the older iPhones.

Featured Image: Pixabay/Pexel

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