Keanu Reeves Teases Storyline of John Wick 3

When John Wick hit the theater few years back, few would have predicted that the movie would go on to become one of the best action movies in present era. Due to the first movie’s financial success, it got a sequel which surprisingly surpassed expectations and recently, rumors surfaced that we might get spin-offs related to the movie in the coming years. Whether that happens or not is up for question but we are set to get John Wick 3 in 2019. Although not a lot of information regarding the upcoming movie is known so far, Keanu Reeves provided a small update during New York Comic Con.

During the promotion of his upcoming movie, Replcas, Reeves talked about John Wick 3 as he answered a fan’s question. He said, “John Wick. John Wick’s in trouble! So we’ve been working on it and I think we have some good ideas. Yeah, some really good ideas. But John’s in trouble. Hopefully we can start shooting that next year. Chad and I thought it was hard to make a second one. And now we’re like…a third one?!”

Given first two movies’ storyline, the fact that John Wick will be in trouble is no surprise and it will be worthwhile to see how the movie starts following the ending of the sequel. As for production, it is not known whether Chad Stahelski will return to direct the third movie. As a result of first two movies’ success, it will be surprising if the director decides not to return. John Wick 3 will conclude the story of the assassin and it is scheduled for release on May 17, 2019. Although we don’t know much about the movie, we should learn more when the production for the movie starts in couple of months.

Featured Image: Flickr/BagoGames

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