Karl Urban Wants A Female Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Although Thor has proven to be a solid performer at the global box office since the first movie, it never really lived up to fans’ expectations. If all of the trailers and details leading up to the release of Thor: Ragnarok are accurate, then we are finally set to get a decent Thor movie. Interestingly, although leading up to end of Avengers 4, Chris Hemsworth will play the character for 7 different movies, Karl Urban recently revealed that maybe it’s time for Marvel Cinematic Universe to have a female actress.

Talking about the character, Urban said, “Fundamentally, the process is the same. But I have to say with Marvel, there’s a real sense of inclusion and collaboration and they certainly made me feel very, very welcome and like part of the family. And what I appreciated most about Marvel was how they foster the creativity and they hire people to do their jobs and let them do it and this movie is a direct result of that.”

While we have seen a number of actresses over the years reprising different characters, MCU still lacks a lead female superhero. With Wonder Woman’s recent success, the expectations on Captain Marvel movie at the moment is pretty high and it will be interesting to see if Marvel introduces other female superheroes in the coming years. As for now, upcoming Thor: Ragnarok is set to introduce Valkyrie to the MCU and we will have to wait until the movie arrives in theater.

Thor: Ragnarok is set for release on November 3rd. As end of the third phase of MCU is getting closer, fans are expecting that the upcoming movie will give some hints what to expect from the future movies set in MCU.

Featured image: Flickr/TNS Sofres

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