Justice League May Have Changed Cyborg’s Origin Story

Fans of DCEU are pretty excited following the release of the final trailer of upcoming Justice League movie. Although we are yet to learn a lot of information related to the movie, as the release date comes closer, promotional events and materials are giving details of what the movie might have to offer. And now, a recent report has revealed that Cyborg’s origin story has been altered by Warner Bros. for the upcoming movie.

The latest report comes after Justice League recently held a promotional event at the Philippines and a fan took some pictures during the event and then posted them on social media. As the promotional materials feature small bio for the characters, the short bio for Cyborg revealed some new information.

According to the latest promotional materials, following a deadly car accident, Victor Stone’s father, Silas Stone had to use an Apokoliptian Mother Box to reconstruct Victor’s body in order to save him. While the change is certainly surprising, it doesn’t differ much from the original story.

If you are a comic book reader, then you might already know that Cyborg has two different origin stories. The stories were created to reflect changes due to Flashpoint. The pre-Flashpoint origin of the character notes depicts that Victor Stone’s parents, who were both scientists at the S.T.A.R Labs, were conducting experiment on Victor. During course of the events, Victor’s parents brought a creature from another dimension and Victor was severely injured when trying to send the creature back to its home. In order to save him, Victor’s parents decided to turn him into Cyborg. The post-Flashpoint event is also same except this time, the character’s injury was caused by an exploding Father Box.

As Ray Fisher recently revealed, writers of the upcoming movie wanted the character to be a positive representation of those with physical disabilities and it seems that the writers went through previously mentioned changes to achieve this. Whether or not fans of comic books love the idea of changing the origin story remains to be seen but we won’t need to wait a long time to find out as release of Justice League is just a month away from now.

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