Intel Online Connect to Bring Faster Way to Log into Sites

If you use passwords on a regular basis for logging into your favorite sites, then you might have wondered another way of logging into a site without typing password every time you log into the website. Now, Intel has announced a new service that will allow users to log into their favorite services by using just a fingerprint. However, at the moment, only Lenovo’s latest PC devices support the service.

The service, called Intel Online Connect will allow users to log into some of the most popular websites and services by two different methods. First one, using the fingerprint sensor, if you have a fingerprint sensor built in with your computer, then you will be able to get instant access to your service. On the other hand, if your PC doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, you will be able to use the feature by using a button that will allow an instant two factor authentication.

However, as mentioned earlier, Lenovo’s latest PCs will support the feature as users of company’s latest computers running Intel’s all 7th and 8th-generation Core processors will be able to download the Intel Online Connect.

Chris Walker, vice president of Intel’s, client computing group said, “Intel continues to drive innovation that simplifies and secures the computing experience. We are excited about the close collaboration between Intel and Lenovo using hardware-based technology on 7th and 8th Generation Intel Core processors to bring secure authentication experiences to the PC.”

Talking about the feature, Lenovo’s Johnson Jia explained, “Going online has become an indispensable part of our daily lives in the always-on, digital world. People need hassle-free, built-in security that helps to protect them when logging into websites for banking, shopping and social media.”

“Partnering with Intel to deliver FIDO-certified solutions, we’re addressing online security issues head-on by providing a simpler, safer online authentication experience and reducing our dependency on passwords alone.”

Users of other manufacturers’ devices are expected to get the feature in the coming days.

Featured image: Flickr/JiahuiH

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