Intel Launches Its First Optane SSD

Ever since the first announcement of Intel’s Optane memory, consumers have eagerly waited to get the first glimpse of the performance of the latest module. Although we had to wait a while, Intel has finally released its first Optane memory for consumers. According to Intel, the latest Optane SSD will offer 4 times faster transfer speed and 22 times more endurance than most of the current SSDs in the market.

While the speed and durability is certainly worth it, the SSDs won’t come cheap as an Optane 900P with 280GB of storage will cost about $390 while 480GB model will cost $600.

Although for a long time the Optane SSDs were pitched as a new type of storage that would bridge the gap between RAM and storage, the latest SSDs aren’t going to compete with RAM and as a result, are unlikely to replace the RAM anytime soon. However, since the release, early reviews of the latest SSDs have shown great performance increase over even the fastest SSD available in the market which will be attractive for high end PC consumers.

This latest release comes after the company introduced another high-end SSD for data centers and entry-level products where the Optane Memory would serve as a cache memory rather than traditional hard drive to boost performance.

Although the Optane Memory will be out of reach for most of the consumers at the moment, the cost of the memory is likely to come down in near future as the product becomes readily available and technology moves forward.

Featured image: Intel

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