HTC Introduces Financing Program in the United States

Although smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful for a while, most of the smartphones at the moment come with over $700 price tag. However, customers in the United States are using financing options offered by different companies for a long time to purchase high-end smartphones for a small monthly installment. As HTC wants to increase its market share in the United States, the company has now introduced financing option for its customers who don’t want to rely on cell phone carriers to get a phone with monthly installments.

This latest program is the company’s second attempt in recent years. Few years earlier, the company introduced another financing program when the HTC’s flagship was still the One.

With the latest option, you can now checkout phone online and apply for a credit. If you qualify for the financing program, then you won’t need to pay for anything at that moment although you will start paying afterwards with 0 percent interest rate. If you don’t pay off the phone by the end of two year period, then the prices will go higher. At the moment, the financing program doesn’t contain taxes and shipping costs.

If you are interested in purchasing a HTC smartphone using the financing program, then you should note that the latest financing program only applies to smartphones with prices starting from $599. As a result, at the moment, the HTC U11 is the only device that qualifies for the financing program. For the 64GB model, you will be required to pay $28 per month and $31 per month for the 128GB model. With the company expected to launch several high-end smartphones next year, you will have other models to consider at that time.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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