Google Removes Android Wear from Its Store

During the company’s highly anticipated October 4 event, Google introduced several products. However, one of the major surprises during the event was the lack of announcement anything related to Android Wear. And now, the company has removed the option to buy Android Wear devices from the official Google store. While other products related to smartwatches still appear on the store, they are listed as ‘no longer available’ which has started rumors that the company will kill off the products. However, Google employee Hoi Lam revealed on Twitter that the Android Wear isn’t going away despite the apparent removal from the store.

The answer came after a fan asked a question related to the smartwatch and Hoi Lam explained that Google has decided to stock products either from Google itself or the ones which are ‘Made for Google’ in its online store.

He followed up by saying that the company’s store team knew about the plan for more than a year as Google continues to push Android Wear products through other retailers. He wrote, “Our team knew the plant for a year now and invested in custom store fronts with online retailers e.g. Amazon. Together with all our partners (online/offline), we will reach more people all over the world than ever before.”

“When I visited partner stores in London and Shanghai, they couldn’t be more excited about our line-up this fall. On the technical front, I have more to share about how we think about updates – stay tuned!”

Although there’s no confirmation thus far, we will have to wait to find out if Google has anything up in its sleeves regarding Android Wear in the coming months.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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