Google Launches Gmail Add-ons

In an attempt to bring more functionality thus attracting more users to its service, Google over last several months, has introduced several features. Most recently, the company introduced improved two-factor authentication to increase security. And now, the company has launched Gmail Add-ons following a beta testing period.

With the latest features, you will now have complete access to several services such as Trello, Asana directly from your inbox. As more and more users are currently spending a lot of time in the inbox, Google is understandably making its services more user-friendly. Moreover, the add-ons are available for both web and Android meaning you will always be connected with different services in case you use them on a day to day basis.

In an official blog post, the company added a complete list of available add-ons. The post explained:

  • Asana:Turn communication with clients, customers and teammates into tasks that can be tracked with your team in Asana, all from your inbox.
  • Dialpad:Message or call colleagues on your device, any time. Automatically view recent communications or save a new contact straight from Gmail.
  • DocuSign (coming soon):Sign and execute contracts, agreements and other documents directly in Gmail using the DocuSign add-on.
  • Hire:Add candidates, manage candidate information and upload resumes without leaving Gmail. You can access full job applications from the Hire add-on.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing:Create and send professional invoices directly in Gmail. Let customers pay you online and track invoice status and payments no matter where you are.
  • ProsperWorks:Easily access prospect or customer data, and log activities from calls, demos and meetings. You can also scan related opportunities, tasks and events.
  • RingCentral:See the online/offline status of RingCentral contacts, review recent call history, make outbound calls (requires RingCentral for Mobile) and view and send SMS messages.
  • Smartsheet:Add email content and desired attachments directly to Smartsheet without leaving Gmail.
  • Streak:Add email threads to deals, view enriched contact info and quickly respond with snippets directly from Gmail with the Streak add-on.
  • Trello:Turn email into actionable tasks in Trello to give your team a shared perspective on the work that needs to be done.


If you are interested in using the add-ons, you can simply go to the settings by clicking on the gear button at the top of the Gmail inbox and select ‘get add-ons’ from the menu. Afterwards, you can browse through the marketplace to install anything which is essential for you.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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