Google Is Working on Introducing Improved Account Security Service

Last several weeks have been pretty rough for several tech companies amid ongoing saga of Russian hacking investigations and fallout from the Equifax breach. In an attempt to make it difficult to breach systems, Google is reportedly working on bringing a service that will improve its two factor-authentication system. While the news is certainly interesting, the technology might not be available for everyone just yet.

The news regarding the new technology comes thanks to a latest report by Bloomberg which cited two industry sources familiar with the matter. The report said that the product will be marketed towards corporate executives and other high profile figures. However, it’s unclear whether the company will make the service available for general use.

Google’s latest security service follows the company’s introduction of Universal 2nd factor USB security keys. The service was introduced back in 2014 and would require a dongle to be inserted into a computer along with password to access Google’s services. As the method required the dongle rather than the phone, the service offers better production.

According to the report, the upcoming protection service is planning on improving this system by requiring second hardware key in addition to the USB security key. The latest security plan will also block all the third-party programs from accessing a user’s files stored in Google Drive.

The news of the new service comes as recently Deloitte fell victim to hackers as its global email server was compromised via a password-protected administrator account which wasn’t using two-factor authentication.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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