Google Assistant Is Coming to Chromebooks

Although Google Assistant has become popular in recent years, Chromebook didn’t have the application up until now. However, industry experts for a long time predicted that the company will eventually add the functionality in Chromebook and new codes in the Google Home app suggests that the integration might be coming much sooner than expected.

The latest codes of the Home app contains a list of devices the Google Assistant works with and the list features all of the products that support the assistant. The code now lists Chromebook as supported device. However, Google is yet to confirm the claims. Few days earlier, leaked images have shown that Google is planning on announcing its premium laptop, Google Pixelbook during the October 4 event and we will have to wait to see if the search engine giant announces the support for Chromebooks.

Even before the images related to October 4 events started surfacing, rumors suggested that Google Assistant is making its way to Chromebook pretty soon. Over last several months Google have pushed the assistant which only fueled the speculation.

Even if the company doesn’t announce Google Assistant’s support for Chromebook during the event, it’s safe to assume that we will get the support pretty soon.

Featured Image: Flickr/Ian Dick

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