Galaxy S9 Might Feature an “Environmental Sensor” Feature

According to a recently filed patent, Samsung is working on a sensor embedded inside your smartphone to help you monitor the state of environment around you.

Although the patent was discovered recently, the component in the patent form was submitted a few years ago which has sparked rumors that Samsung might implement the feature in next year’s Galaxy S9 or other smartphone.

As the air pollution in the big cities is a major concern for everyone’s health, the latest feature can be extremely helpful for residents in polluted cities. The patent has suggested that you will be able to monitor the air pollution levels directly from your phone but you will need to have the smartphone outside in case you want to get accurate measure.

Rumors over last several weeks have suggested that Samsung might release the Galaxy S9 much earlier than expected next year. We will have to wait to find out what kind of features the next phone adds as S9 is already a solid smartphone. As we move closer to the date of official announcement, we are likely to get more information on the smartphone.

Featured image: Pixabay/pakfones

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