Firefox for Android to Allow Users to Add Web Applications to their Home Screen

Although Android powers majority of the smartphones at the moment, the sheer number of companies using the operating system means that users are often faced with difficult options to choose from. In addition to users, app developers often face difficulties to produce application that will meet everyone’s need. As a result, developers choose to launch application for one target group and then continue to develop the application as they continue going forward. However, such approach can harm a developer’s potential reach to a large audience base and recently, the concept of web based applications have become popular among everyone.

Thanks to the recent developments related to web based applications, users now can access several applications entirely on web without installing them. In order to increase user satisfaction, Mozilla has announced that users of Firefox for Android now will be able to add web applications in their home screen. The company wrote in a recent announcement, “When a Firefox 58 user arrives on a website that is served over HTTPS and has a valid manifest, a subtle badge will appear in the address bar: when tapped, an “Add to Home screen” confirmation dialog will slide in, through which the web app can be added to the Android home screen. When launched from there, the web app will be shown in the configured view mode and orientation, and it will appear as a separate entry in the app switcher.”

This addition by Mozilla comes as Chrome is releasing new features on a regular basis to attract more users to the platform. In the announcement, Mozilla also pointed out the effort and we are likely to see more applications reaping the benefits of the web based applications in near future. As for now, if you are one of the users who prefer Firefox over Chrome, this latest announcement should increase your user experience on the browser.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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