Facebook Will Become More Transparent with Its Political Ads

Twitter’s recent ban on advertisements on two Russian media agency attracted a lot of attention. While not in such a drastic way, now Facebook has announced several measures to increase transparency of the advertisements the social network displays on the social network, Instagram and Messenger. While the upcoming changes will come to U.S. and Canada by end of next summer, it’s unclear when the changes will be introduced in other countries. However, reports suggested that advertisers will get the upcoming changes around the same time in the other countries.

Thanks to the upcoming changes, users of the social network will see a ‘View Ads’ button on different pages. After clicking the button, users will see advertisements the page is running on Facebook owned properties. Talking about the upcoming changes, Rob Goldman, VP of Ads of Facebook said, “All pages will be part of this effort, and we will require that all ads be associated with a Page as part of the ad creation process … During this initial test, we will only show active ads. However, when we expand to the US we plan to begin building an archive of federal-election related ads so that we can show both current and historical federal-election related ads.”

Along with this, all of the political advertisements will be included in a searchable archive to let anyone get access to the ads to see if any of the advertisements was ran to spread propaganda.

With the latest changes, Facebook hoping that political advertisers won’t be facing any vetting on the network. Twitter’s ban on the media attracted attention largely due to its effects on the rights related to free speech. As a result, Facebook’s changes can be seen as a decent way to avoid further propaganda on the network without imposing restriction on free speech. However, we will have to wait until the feature arrives to see if the inclusion will change the way advertisers use the network to spread information.

Featured image: Pixabay

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