Facebook Unveils Two New Oculus VR Headsets

Facebook recently unveiled two more virtual reality headsets during its Connect 4 event. Facebook’s latest headsets are targeted towards different consumers as one of the headsets will carry a higher price tag while other one is targeted towards budget oriented consumers as it will carry a $200 price tag. However, both of the headsets will not start shipping until next year.

The first VR headset, was actually an update to Project Santa Cruz. In case you didn’t know, Project Santa Crus is an Oculus Virtual reality headset with built-in cameras for positional tracking to eliminate the need for external sensors. In addition to the touch controllers, the upcoming headset will contain six degrees of freedom movement. According to the company, development kits for the headset will be available within a year.

Second reveal during the event was more affordable Oculus Go headset which will carry an affordable price tag. Despite its $200 price tag, the headset will carry entire set of hardware with itself and will not require a smartphone or PC to work. The Oculus Go will provide similar functionalities as the Samsung Gear VR. As Oculus is developing both Gear VR and Oculus Go, Oculus Go will support all of the Gear VR apps when it becomes available.

While not a lot of details of the Oculus Go is known so far, the headset will include improved lenses as well as fast switch displays. As Spatial audio is built into the headset, you won’t need headphones to use the Oculus Go.

If you want to get your hands on the Oculus Headset however, you will need to wait until start of the next year when the headset will be available. Unlike Project Santa Cruz, development kits for Oculus Go will be shipped out by the end of the year.

Apart from these two announcements, Facebook announced that the existing Oculus Rift headset will receive a price cut and is now available for purchase for $400.

Featured image: Pixabay/typographyimages

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