Facebook Live Now Supports Screen Sharing

For a long time, screen sharing has been a common features among software which allow you to complete video conferencing. If you are using Facebook’s Live Platform to reach audiences, you will be glad to learn that the company has brought support for screen sharing feature. With the latest feature, you can share screen with everyone directly with Facebook Live thus eliminating needs to using third party services.

Before Facebook brought the feature, users of the social networking giant was using third party software if they wished to share their screen live. While you will have to install an extension to complete the screen sharing process, at the moment, the extension is available only for Chrome as the extension isn’t available for other browsers at the moment.

While the latest addition will certainly make it easier for everyone to broadcast, the feature is pretty basic and lack a lot of customization options. However, if the feature becomes popular among users, chances are the social networking giant will add more customizable option to the feature in the coming days.

Featured image: Pixabay/Simon

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