Facebook Is Reportedly Testing New Account Recovery Option

Although few years earlier facial recognition technology could be only seen in the science fiction movies, the technology have moved forward to give everyone the chance to use the feature to perform different activities. Most of the high end smartphones are now offering their own facial recognition feature to make it even easier to use and as we become more dependent on technology, more companies are likely to use the feature to make life little bit easier. Interestingly, Facebook is reportedly testing a new method based on facial recognition technology to give users an option to recover their lost account.

The latest report of Facebook’s facial recognition feature comes via TheNextWeb as Matt Navarra reported that Facebook is now testing a new facial recognition feature which will help users secure their Facebook accounts. The feature is being tested to make it possible for a user to log into an account in case s/he cannot access his/her phone to receive the SMS required for two-factor authentication.

Following the first report, TechCrunch also learned that Facebook is testing a new feature for people who are interested in verify ownership of the account much faster during the account recovery process. As a result, you can log into account or recover the account in case you loss access to your account.

While the feature will make it easier to recover an account, as of now it’s unknown when the company will release the feature to larger audience around the world. Moreover, the social networking giant has confirmed that the upcoming feature will work alongside the traditional two factor authentication but will only work in the devices which users previously used to log into their accounts.

Featured Image: Flickr/Eduardo Woo

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