Cortana Is Coming to Skype for Android

If you use messenger apps regularly, then you already know that in-chat assistance is not a new concept as for Facebook’s Messenger and Google’s Allo are currently using the assistant to help you complete different tasks without leaving the application. However, Microsoft’s Skype up until now didn’t feature any kind of in-chat assistance which is set to change as Microsoft will soon bring similar functionality to its messaging application for Android around the world..

When the smart assistant makes its way to the application, you will be able to complete different tasks apart from viewing web results within the application. By using the assistant, you can schedule an event and set reminder for the event to help you remember in future. Moreover, you can directly chat with Cortana as the assistant will have its own contact in Skype.

If you are excited about trying the latest feature in the application, then you will need to wait a few more days as it seems that the assistant has made its way to both iOS and Android version for users located in the United States. While there is no confirmation of the assistant coming to the desktop version of Skype, as Microsoft has pushed the feature over last couple of years, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company decides to bring the feature to desktop version of Skype as well.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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