Constantine Is Set to Make another Appearance in DC TV Series

According to latest reports, John Constantine is set to make another appearance in the Arrow-verse this year. While there is no official confirmation as of now, rumors suggested that the character will make his appearance in an episode during the third season of CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. However, as of now, it’s unknown how big of a role the character will have in the episode if the character indeed makes another appearance following Season 4 appearance in Arrow.

The latest report comes via as the report suggested that the character will have an important role to play with Waverider’s captain. However, the appearance is far from surprising since the shows set in the Arrow-verse will see a lot of guest appearances this year. Recently it was confirmed that The Ray will make an appearance this year as well.

Even if the producers confirms the character’s involvement in the upcoming season, it’s unknown when the character will appear. As of now, the reports pointed out that the character won’t be seen in the upcoming mega-crossover which is good news considering this year’s crossover episodes are already set to be massive.

If you are following CW’s superhero universe, you would know that this won’t be the last time you will see actor Mat Ryan reprising the character. While there won’t be a live-action series based on the character anytime soon following Constantine’s failure few years earlier, Matt Ryan will voice the character in an upcoming animated series on the network’s streaming service. As a result, you shouldn’t be disappointed in case you are a big fan of the character.

Legends of Tomorrow will premier Season 3 on Tuesday October 10 at 9 p.m. ET as all of the superhero shows come back for another season.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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