Bungie Claims that Destiny 2 Bans Aren’t Caused by Third Party Apps

Although Destiny 2 was released for consoles back in September, PC gamers had to wait until few days earlier to get their hands on the game. However, since the game’s release on the platform, many gamers have complained that they have been banned from the game for no reason. At first, gamers speculated that the latest bans are because of Bungie’s rules regarding the usage of any third-party software that inserts the code into the game’s client. However, in a recent statement, the studio claimed that such isn’t the case and majority of the bans are happening because of tools used by gamers that would “pose a threat to the shared ecosystem” of Destiny 2.

If you are wondering, Bungie’s policy against usage of third-party applications to achieve certain goals such as game capture, livestreaming as well as performance monitoring means you won’t be able to use popular tools among gamers. For instance, voice communication services like Discord and Mumble aren’t compatible with Destiny 2. Understandably, following the game’s release, gamers have complained about the issue and many assumed that they have been automatically banned without a valid reason.

However, Bungie released a statement explaining that Destiny 2 does not ban anyone automatically. However, the company admitted that out of the 400 banned gamers, some were done mistakenly and since then, the bans have been overturned. Unfortunately though, a lot of gamers have found out that they have been banned as soon as they started the game.

While the company is yet to clarify the problem, hopefully the problem will be resolved soon and gamers will be able to enjoy the highly anticipated game.

Featured image: Flickr/BagoGames

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