Ben Affleck Compares Justice League to The Avengers

The final trailer for upcoming Justice League was released few days earlier and if the movie lives up to expectations, then it will be one of the biggest movies of this year. While we didn’t get much information related to the plot, recently, Ben Affleck compared the movie to Marvel’s The Avengers as he praised Joss Whedon’s contribution to the movie.

If you are following the news related to the movie, then you already know that Warner Bros. brought Whedon as the movie went to several changes over last several months. Recently, Ben Affleck talked about Whedon’s changes in the upcoming movie during his interview with SFX Magazine. During the interview, Affleck said, “Joss just brought to the movie what good directors bring, which is good taste. A sense of what’s gonna work in the story and what isn’t. An instinct for realism and for finding the humanity in the characters and the humanity in the conflict, then making it accessible and relevant. I think that’s one of the things he did so well with Avengers, frankly. He really defined the tone, and it felt like a lot of the movies after that sort of fell into that tone that he created.”

As all of the movies prior to Wonder Woman were heavily criticized for not giving enough time for character development, the studio clearly had a goal of developing characters during course of Justice League and Whedon has made a name for himself for character building. Affleck noted that Whedon helped to reshape the project as all of the characters were brought together to create a compelling story. He mentioned that despite all of the changes, the movie will still maintain themes of movies DC fans are used to.

He said, “It was a very tricky dance where you have all these people who can do all these fantastic things that’s completely absurd on the face of it, and yet, a good storyteller like Joss brings us in, makes us identify with them, makes them seem real, and makes it interesting. A lot of guys know the comic books, a lot of people have that knowledge base. What Joss really has is talent.”

Luckily enough, we won’t need to wait a long time to find out how the movie performs in the global box office.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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