Apple Rumored to Replace Touch ID with FaceID Next Year

As facial recognition feature is becoming increasingly popular, Apple is rumored to opt for faceID instead of Touch ID for next year’s iPhone.

In case you were wondering, you can use Face ID to unlock your phone or other applications by scanning your facial features. As this method of securing your phone doesn’t take features such as hairstyles, hats, or beards into account, it can be used to protect the device even more.

As most recently Apple introduced face ID on iPhone X, users’ reaction to the latest feature will decide whether or not the tech giant goes on to adopt facial recognition going forward. Most recently, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple’s camera module responsible for the Face ID feature is at least two years ahead of the market at the moment meaning it wouldn’t’ be surprising if Apple implements the feature in the coming years.

Most recently, companies such as Facebook have started bringing Facial recognition technology to unlock services. However, we are far from getting the Facial Recognition features in every device. For instance, analysts have predicted that although some companies might launch smartphones and other electronics devices with fingerprint sensor embedded under the screen, the practice will be expensive which will ultimately lead to adoption of face ID feature.

Featured image: Magpixel

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