Apple Is Rumored to be Interested in developing Its Own Chips for MacBook

Although most powerful laptops in past were pretty heavy and difficult to carry from one place to another, in recent years, manufacturers have brought several lightweight laptops. Most importantly, there’s been a change in the market as users now want portability paired with solid computing power. As a result, idea of implementing ARM processors in laptops has become intriguing for manufacturers in recent years. While we have to wait until the processor becomes mainstream, if recent rumors to be believed, Apple is seriously considering options to use ARM chips in its future iterations of MacBook.

The rumor certainly holds grounds as in recent years the tech giant has started to use its own chips in the iPhones and a recent report published by Nikkei Asian review stated that the company is planning on moving one step further by producing its own ARM chips for MacBook. The report quoted an unnamed chip industry executive who said, “Notebooks are becoming thinner, while consumers are demanding better mobility and longer battery life.”

Given that ARM processors are highly energy efficient, it’s certainly believable that the company is playing with the possibility of implementing them on laptops. As of now though, it’s unknown if the company is developing ARM compatible version of macOS. As a result, such rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

Apart from this, the report also mentioned that the tech giant is investing in its research and development for baseband model chips which suggests that Apple might be planning on reducing its reliance on Qualcomm for future iPhones.

These rumors are certainly strong as rumors suggested earlier this year that Microsoft might be developing windows for ARM powered laptops and whether or not Apple follow similar approach remains to be seen. Despite the rumors, it might take years before ARM chips become commonplace for power hungry machines.

Featured Image: Pixabay/Free-Photos

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