Apple Is Reportedly Looking into iPhone 8’s Battery Issue

Earlier last year, Samsung received a lot of attention for negative reasons when its Galaxy Note 7 started exploding due to battery related issues. While the company recovered from the fiasco with its Galaxy S8 and S8 plus smartphones earlier this year, for a long time people were concerned whether the Note 7’s failure would have any effect on the devices. And now, few days following Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 8 and 8 Plus’s release, it seems that Apple attracted similar attention thanks to reports claiming that several iPhone 8 Plus handsets are splitting open along the side.

Following days after iPhone 8 and 8 Plus became available, several users turned to Twitter to share images of their iPhone. While some users claimed that the smartphone was burst open during charging, some users said that the handsets were open straight out of the box.

Report of the first incident appeared in The Independent at first and the company has reportedly told The Independent that it was looking into the claims but unsure when or if the company will take any action regarding he problem.

While the problem is not as widespread as the Note 7’s issues, you should check your phone to see if it has any kind of defect. If it does, then make sure to contact the nearest support center to fix the issue. While you might think that the issue is widespread, note that smartphone manufacturers became extremely cautious regarding the phones’ batteries after Samsung was forced to recall all of the Note 7 devices. As a result, you shouldn’t need to worry that much about the latest problems.

Featured Image: Pixabay/kropekk_pl

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