Apple Faces Trademark Lawsuit Related to Animoji

As we eagerly wait for the upcoming iPhone X, the tenth anniversary smartphone has come into news once more. The animoji feature is one of the most prominent features of the upcoming smartphone by Apple. However, if a latest lawsuit succeeds, then Apple might be in trouble as the Japanese company behind the lawsuit revealed that not only Apple was aware of the trademark which was registered in the 2014 but also tried to buy it off from the owners.

The latest lawsuit against Apple claimed that the trademark for Animoji was registered back in 201 and it was granted one year later in 2015. Afterwards, the name was used as an iOS application that could be used to send animated emojis in instant messages as well as email.

Interestingly, back in last year, Apple filed for cancelation of the trademark by arguing that the company behind the trademark didn’t exist back in 2014. However, the latest lawsuit argues that the emonster inc (based in Warshington) and Tokyo based emonster k.k. acted as a single commercial enterprise during the filing process of the trademark. After Apple filed for the cancellation, the company behind registration of trademark filed for a correction which was canceled due to Apple’s complaints.

With few weeks to go until iPhone X starts shipping, this latest lawsuit might prove to be difficult for Apple despite the fact that Animoji might not be the biggest feature of the upcoming smartphone. However, we will have to wait few more days to find out how the events related to the lawsuit turn out.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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