Amazon Prime’s Video App Rumored to be Available for Apple TV in Coming Days

Prior to this year’s WWDC event, rumors suggested that Apple would finally bring support for Amazon Prime’s Video service. However, to users’ disappointment, Apple didn’t mention anything related to the service. And now, as the Apple TV with support for 4K streaming is introduced by the Cupertino giant, rumors started that the service is set to arrive for Apple TV in the coming weeks.

The latest rumor comes thanks to a post on Reddit where a user claimed that the Amazon Prime Video app is on track to launch on October 26. While we will need to take the rumor with a grain of salt, the post read, “Some of you will remember my post a little while back, in which I warned that Amazon would not launch until at least October 26. We’re now just about two weeks from the 26th, and the app is still on track to launch that day. In my time at this job, I have never once seen a release slip this close to a scheduled launch. I am very confident in saying that the 26th is finally the day.”

A follow up comment said, “It’s frustrating having finished a project and to have it sit collecting dust, as well. I can’t say I know why it’s being dragged out. The initial concerns were over two issues: Apple’s cut of Amazon’s subscription revenue, and Apple’s access to analytics. Negotiations went on for, and I’m not joking, over a year and escalated to the point where Apple’s head of TV was meeting face-to-face with Bezos on multiple occasions. But those concerns were worked out months ago, and I have to assume it’s for some marketing reason.”

While we will have to wait to see if the rumor holds any ground, the poster of the thread revealed that the app will support only Apple TV 4 and the recently introduced one.

Featured image: Flickr/Kārlis Dambrāns

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