All Current Nokia Smartphones Will Receive Android P

Thanks to Google’s strategy of marketing Android, it has become the main operating system for smartphones. However, as manufacturers are solely responsible shipping out updates, sometimes it takes months for all the users to receive updates. Moreover, sometimes smartphone manufacturers can choose not to ship the latest OS although Google ships out regular updates each year. Nokia made its return to market earlier this year and the company’s smartphones have been praised by everyone. In order to attract more consumers, the company is trying to rollout updates as soon as possible and recently the company confirmed that all of its current smartphones will receive at least Android P update when the operating system becomes available next year.

The news of the Android P update is a surprise given that most of the major manufacturers often choose to use latest operating system to market their smartphones. For instance, although Motorola promised to rollout update for one of the smartphones, the company later changed its mind and decided not to rollout update for a smartphone. However, the move attracted heavy criticisms which forced Motorola to ship out update. As a result, the news of Nokia smartphones receiving the update to at least Android P is certainly welcoming one.

The latest news comes via HMD global which is currently licensed to make Nokia smartphones. The company claimed that all of the current smartphones are eligible for Android P update if Google sticks to its yearly release of operating system. However, as of now, it’s unclear whether the current smartphones will be receiving another Android update in the following year.

Despite that, the news means that all of the current smartphones will provide latest features for one more year than most of the budget oriented smartphones in the market. As the company looks to get back in the competition, it will be worthwhile to see if this strategy of prolonging the life of Android increases the sales figure of Nokia’s smartphones.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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