Alexa Will Let you to Start Your Car with Voice

Smart assistants are becoming increasingly popular as both Amazon and Google recently expanded their offerings for digital assistant as well as smart speakers. Most of these smart speakers and digital assistants can do a lot of things on behalf of the users. For instance, they can set reminders, check traffic situations, read the news while you are busy with something else. As a result of the functionalities they offer, car manufacturers are always looking for ways to integrate these assistants into the vehicles to make it easier to navigate or simply control the car. Most recently, Nissan confirmed that pretty soon drivers can use Alexa to start and control their SUV.

While the exact date of the release isn’t known, Nissan confirmed that users can use Alexa in near future. By using Alexa, drivers will be able to not only start their car but also will be able to lock and unlock their car doors, honk the horn as well as flash the lights. These features can be pretty handy in a situation where your hands aren’t available for performing these tasks manually.

While the features will be useful in different scenarios, not all of the Nissan’s cars will be covered by the service. Despite that, the service includes a large number of models including Altima, 2016-2017.5, Armada, 2018, GT-R, 2017, Maxima, 2016-2017, Murano, 2016-2017.5, Pathfinder, 2017-2018, Rogue, 2016-2017, Rogue Sport, 2017, Sentra, 2016-2017, Titan, 2017, and the Titan XD, 2016-2017.

If you are following the trend, then you might already know that Nissan isn’t the first to implement the technology in a car as other manufacturers are already using similar services. BMW most recently revealed that the company will bring Alexa to different models and MINI cars next year. As digital assistants are growing their popularity, it will be interesting to see how the technology is used in other areas of life to make it easier.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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