Adobe Reveals Five New Upcoming Applications to Creative Cloud

If you are currently using Adobe’s Creative Cloud to meet your needs, then you will be glad to know that the company has just announced five more applications to its Creative Cloud portfolio. The upcoming additions will meet different needs of consumers. The company introduced Lightroom for photos, Character Animator for video while introducing XD, Dimension and Spark for design related works.

While the Lightroom existed in the previous platform, the older version of the application will be branded as Lightroom Classic. With the new version, you will get some new features such as preview generation, switching between Library and Develop Module and responsive brushing. If you are comfortable with using the older version, you will be relieved to know that Adobe will provide full support to the legacy application.

The company commented about the latest features by saying,

  • Powerful yet simple — Lightroom CC will offer the powerful image editing that you want while being simple and intuitive to use. Our goal is that it will have everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  • Seamless experience across all your devices — Lightroom CC will work the same across desktop, mobile, and web. This allows you to move across your devices without needing to relearn or figure things out. Your photos and edits are all where you’d expect them to be.
  • Cloud Based — Everything you do in Lightroom CC is synced to the cloud. This means that you can access and work with your photos from any device (including multiple computers), and can easily share photos with others. All of your photos and all of the work that you do with them will be automatically backed up all the time.

As for other features, Character Animator is finally becoming available for everyone after it remained in the beta for over a year and half. At the moment however, it’s not known if the company will add more features to those which are available in the beta.

As for other apps, they are coming faster than expected as most of the apps remained in beta for just over a year. Although some of the applications aren’t available to customers at the moment, according to Adobe, the latest apps will come to Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers in the coming days.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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