10 Million Users Reportedly Saw Russia-Linked Ads on Facebook

Image: Pixabay/Simon 

Few days earlier, Facebook revealed that it will share all the data related to the Russia-linked advertisements which ran from 2015 to 2017. And now, the social networking giant has revealed that around 10 million people watched the political advertisements managed by a Russian entity on the platform.

The latest confirmation comes via an official blog post where the company announced that the majority of the advertisements “focus on divisive social and political messages across the ideological spectrum.” Facebook’s VP of Policy and Communication, Elliot Schrage wrote that more than 44 percent of the ads were shown prior to the last US presidential election and these ads focused on different diving matters from LGBT rights to immigration.

In the blog post, the company said that although it reviews millions of advertisements each week, the social network cannot catch all of the advertisements that breaks the rules. However, the company confirmed that it will soon start requiring advertisers to prove which business or organizations they represent to stop spreading propaganda on the platform. In addition to this, the company will hire 1000 more employees to review the advertisements on the platform. Moreover, the social network said that it will make advertising more transparent in the coming months to monitor improper advertisements.

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