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WhatsApp to Start Charging Business Owners to Use Its Service

Many people raised their eyebrows when Facebook announced its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp few years earlier. While at the time it wasn’t known how the social networking giant was planning on using the application, last year the company introduced business marketing solutions through the application. Interestingly, recent report has suggested that the social networking giant will start charging business to use its services.

If you are following the application’s updates in recent months, then the latest announcement will not surprise you. For instance, last year Facebook introduced updated privacy policies to show advertisements on the network based on users’ activities on the messaging application. Now, the WhatsApp business app will require small business owner to pay a small fees to utilize the platform to directly reach audiences at a later date when the new feature becomes available.

The latest addition to WhatsApp comes via a blog post as the company has acknowledged several challenges of using the application for business related activities. The major issue was the lack of verified business profile and in order to solve this problem, the company will introduce verified company account feature soon. As of now, the features are available for free as the company is testing the app’s ability to attract more users.

While all of the features of the platform aren’t announced yet, WhatsApp is more than likely to introduce a verified business profile alongside easier method to reply to your customers. We will need to wait a bit longer to find out how the company is planning on increasing the revenue from the application as some of the users might find the charging model little bit difficult to cope with at start.

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