Volkswagen’s Is on the Right Track to Introduce 30 New Electric Vehicles by the End of 2025

Electric cars are gaining mainstream popularity as more auto manufacturers are planning on bringing more electric vehicles in the coming years. Volkswagen, despite its recent struggles with emission scandals, have announced its plans to introduce 30 more electric vehicles by the end of 2025s. While the goal is certainly massive since the group’s sales target will mean more than quarter of its sales will come from EVs, the company is on right track to achieve its goal of releasing more electric vehicles.

According to the plans announced by the group, the company’s global electrification strategy will take place alongside other existing redesign process of the group. Such move is certainly interesting since the global demand for electric vehicles as of now isn’t surprisingly high. However, as other auto manufacturers such as Hyundai have introduced their plans to introduce more electric vehicles, it might be a shrewd move from Volkswagen considering the potential of electric vehicles’ sales in the coming years.

Interestingly the group will introduce the electric vehicles on a periodical basis. For example, although Volkswagen introduced concept of a minivan this year during Detroit auto show, the concept car won’t be available to dealers up until 2022. During this time period, the company will reportedly working on gasoline powered cars.

On the other hand, EVs from the group’s Audi lineup will arrive much earlier thanks to the brands aggressive lineup. The group is currently experimenting with autonomous vehicles as the functionality is set to arrive with A8 next year. In addition to this, dealers located in the United States will have the chance to see three more electric vehicles before the end of 2020.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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