Volkswagen to Recall More than 1.8 Million Vehicles in China

Volkswagen is currently going through a rough patch as the company suffered several setbacks over last couple of months due to several scandals. However, the company has taken initiative over last couple of months to fix most of the issues and recently, the auto manufacturer and two of its Chinese joint-ventures have decided to recall more than 1.8 million vehicles in China.

If you are following the development recently, then you will be familiar with the issues the automaker will deal with in the coming days. The affected cars contain same faulty fuel pump related problems which can cause the engine to stall due to the failure of electronics in the fuel pump. In order to fix the problems, the company will replace fuel ump control modules starting from December 25.

This is the latest setback the company has suffered over last several months as earlier in March, Volkswagen recalled nearly 700,000 premium cars in China. The fault had the possibility to catch engine fires thanks to defects in coolant pumps. In addition to that, earlier last week the company revealed that it will recall over 275,000 vehicles due to similar problems.

It will be interesting to see how German auto manufacturer decides to solve the ongoing issues that have affected the company for a long period of time. Earlier in 2015, the company admitted to equip its vehicles with defeat devices to manipulate emission tests. Earlier this year, the company pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $4.3 billion in penalties in addition to $17.5 billion in civil settlements.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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