Vive App Developers to Keep All of the App Revenue for Rest of the Year

Last few days saw some massive changes in HTC as the company sold part of its smartphone business to Google in an attempt to regain its market share in the competitive smartphone market. And now, in order to make its VR solutions popular among consumers, HTC has announced a promotion to attract more Vive app developers. According to the latest announcement, app developers of Vive will keep 100 percent of revenue generated from the platform starting from this October until end of the year.

As HTC does not disclose its revenue from the app business, it is difficult to predict how much money developers might generate from the applications. However, thanks to the latest promotion, developers might adjust prices of their applications a bit which will in turn drive hardware sales in the coming months.

This latest announcement comes as the company lost its top position to Sony as PlayStation VR outsold HTC Vive. As PS4 brand is well known among gamers, Sony will continue to rule the department unless something drastic happens in the coming months. As a result, the latest announcement by HTC might benefit the company in the long run.

In addition to this, the company revealed that VR arcade operators will now have 70 percent of the revenue rather than usual 50 percent around the globe. Most recently, the HTC launched a monthly $6.99 subscription service. With other companies are working to bring their own products in the ever growing VR market, it will be worthwhile to see how the company tries to keep up with the completions.

Featured Image: Pixabay/justraveling

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