Vivaldi’s CEO Calls out Google for Anti-Competitive Bullying

The co-founder and CEO Jon von Tetzchner of the company responsible for Vivaldi web browser have turned to the company’s blog to criticize Google and commented that the search engine giant should be regulated for its action. His latest comments come after the search engine giant cancelled Vivaldi’s AdWords account after he criticized Google’s tracking recently.

At the time, the Google banned Vivaldi’s AdWords account and just recently, the account has been reactivated following three months ban. Talking about the issue, the explained in the blog post, “When we reached out to Google to resolve the issue, we got a clarification masqueraded in the form of vague terms and conditions, some of which, they admitted themselves, were not a “hard” requirement. In exchange for being reinstated in Google’s ad network, their in-house specialists dictated how we should arrange content on our own website and how we should communicate information to our users”

“After almost three months of back-and-forth, the suspension to our account has been lifted, but only when we bent to their requirements.”

He went on to criticize the company’s approach to competitors as he asked for regulators to monitor Google’s approach towards other companies as he feels that Google is engaging in an anti-competitive behavior.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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