Valve Removes Fake Gamers from Steam

While Steam is widely acclaimed due to its policies, there are bunch of titles which were poorly received by gamers and critics alike. In an attempt to make the PC storefront more transparent, Steam recently removed 173 titles from the store with poor ratings. Apart from poor ratings, these games were poorly developed and developers were abusing the platform.

Most of the canceled games were developed by Silicon Echo Studios and these titles include Clickey, Grim Banana and SHAPES. Since these games were developed using Unity assets, developers could release them quicker than normal. Afterwards, the studio would ship all of the games through one direct program which would ultimately require each gamer to pay $100 for each title.

While this problem existed for a long time, YouTuber SIdAlpha recently uploaded a video to point out the problems associated with titles published by the studio which previously sold games under the name Zonitron Productions. Due to the studio’s usage of the platform, Steam decided to take down all of the titles. However, we will have to wait to find out if the studio comes back in near future with similar games. As for now, gamers can still log into their Steam account and will be able to see all the titles although they will be able to trade cards.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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