Twitter’s Night Mode for Desktop Is Now Live

Earlier last year, Twitter launched its night mode feature for iOS and Android applications. If you aren’t new in the field of internet and social media related applications, then you might be familiar with the night mode as it switches the application to a dark theme. The feature makes it easier to use the application at low light settings when constant glare from bright screen increases eye-strain. While desktop users had to wait a bit, Twitter has now officially rolled out its night for feature for the desktop version of the site as well.

Earlier, Twitter mentioned the feature via its support account and switching to night mode on desktop is easier than expected. In order to enable the night mode, you will need to click on your profile and then select the last option from the list to enable the feature. The night mode changes the entire Twitter interface from white to dark blue. If you want to switch back to normal version of Twitter, then you will need to follow the same route to deactivate the feature.

In order to make it easier for everyone to use the latest feature, the microblogging platform has released an article on the website. However, given the ease of use of the feature, not a lot of people will require the support page. You can check out the announcement below as the feature becomes available for everyone across the world in the coming hours.


Featured Image: Pixabay/geralt

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