Twitter Reveals that the Company Found 200 Russian Backed Accounts

Facebook has come under heavy pressure recently after it was revealed that the social networking giant might have played a massive role spreading propaganda from 2015 to 2017. While the company working with the investigation committee to find out more about its role on manipulating the outcome of US presidential election, Twitter has decided to work with the congress. Ahead of the company’s meeting with Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigators, Twitter has revealed details of Russia’s possible influence on the US presidential election.

The latest details related to the network comes via an official blog post where the company has stated that it has checked 450 Russia linked Facebook accounts and 22 out of these accounts had their own service. Following the findings, the company suspended the accounts and additionally, the network had banned 179 related accounts that violated the platform’s terms of service.

These latest details came after Twitter’s vice-president of public policy, Colin Crowell met with the Intelligence Committee earlier on Thursday. At the time, Senator Mark Warner said, “The presentation that the Twitter team made to the Senate Intel staff today was deeply disappointing. The notion that their work was basically derivative, based upon accounts that Facebook had identified, showed [an] enormous lack of understanding from the Twitter team of how serious this issue is, the threat it poses to democratic institutions, and again begs many more questions than they offered.”

In addition to revealing the details related to the accounts, Twitter added that the platform has been fighting against automated and spams on the platform for many years. The company also revealed that although there isn’t a complete solution for the network, the platform’s improved detection system now identifies more than 3 million suspicious accounts per week.

Featured Image: Pixabay/OpenClipart-Vectors

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