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Twitter Is Working with A New Feature to Make It Easier to Tweet

If you are a regular user of Twitter, then you might have struggled with the microblogging platform’s limit of 140 characters for each tweet as sometimes 140 characters are hardly enough to express yourself in certain situations. In the recent months, Twitter is trying to increase its users by making it easier to tweet by increasing the character limits. While the platform didn’t increase the limit of 140 characters, it stopped counting mentions as part of the tweet to give users options to express themselves completely. In order to take the step even further, the company is currently working on brining a new feature that will allow users to compose multiple tweets at the same time.

The latest report comes via TechCrunch as the report mentioned that the company might be working on the feature to make it easier to tweet multiple messages at the same time. It follows the same method as typing text messages where your messages are divided into parts. However, at the moment, it’s not clear if the feature will be available for users in the coming weeks or the features will be available at all.

If the report is indeed true, then it will make it little bit easier to keep up with the microblogging platform. For example, at the moment making a multi-threaded tweet means that you need to reply to your original tweets which can be little bit difficult or time consuming. As it is really easy to mess up the process, if the process comes to users in the coming days, it will change the entire process and might result in increased user engagements.

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