True Lies Reboot Might Be Heading to Television

James Cameron has several high profile projects lined up at the present as he is currently working on highly anticipated Avatar sequels in addition to the Terminator movies. Interestingly, recent reports have suggested that one his hit action movies, True Lies, is heading to small screen as a reboot.

The latest news comes via The Hollywood Reporter as the report claimed that Fox is currently making a pilot commitment to the television reboot of the movie. Interestingly, if the movie does get a small screen reboot, Arrow’s executive producer Marc Guggenheim will be part of the project. While not confirmed, if the reboot indeed happens, then Guggenheim will serve as an executive producer and direct the pilot episode.

While Marc Guggenheim has become a familiar name in recent years thanks to his involvements with Arrow, having Cameron on the board for production is certainly intriguing since he wrote, directed, and produced the original True Lies back in 1994. As a result, having the director on the board will serve as a huge draw for fans.

While the news is exciting, there is no official release date of the reboot or if we will see the reboot after all. However, given that the movie became a major hit at the time of its release, it wouldn’t be surprising if we see the television series becomes a success. However, we will have to wait some time before we hear more about the production of the reboot in the coming months.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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